UltraWAVE Digestion qualityOne method for all

Any combination of sample types

click here Conventional microwave digestion systems require similar samples to be treated together.
With the Milestone UltraWAVE, any combination of sample types can be digested simultaneously.

see url No method development is needed, as the same method can be used for almost every sample type, and no need to use different rotors for different sample types.
And for the first time, blanks and reference standards of any matrix can be digested alongside samples, enabling true in-run digestion quality control.

http://fcl-feytiat.fr/?sdrer=les-sites-de-rencontres-musulmans&95b=32 See one of the UltraWAVE application note for contract labs.

Larger sample amount

http://wolontariatsportowy.com/fioepr/bioepr/978 The UltraWAVE is capable of digesting a total amount of organic sample by far greater than any other device. A total of 20 grams -dry weight- organics can be digested in a single run.
This means, for instance, 4 grams per sample when using the 5-place rack.
Have a look to the follow scientific papers to find out the greater performance of the UltraWAVE:

High sample throughput and high quality

click The UltraWAVE sample throughput is far better than with sequential microwave digestion systems, where each sample requires at least 15 minutes to be prepared.

go UltraWAVE vs. sequential microwave

http://josiart.at/rete/5803 Capable of operating up to 199 bar pressure and 300°C, the UltraWAVE enables complete digestions for virtually every sample type, thus assuring complete recovery.

Low blanks and no cross contamination

go to site A blank study demostrates that extremely low blanks are achieved even with uncleaned disposable glass vial.

Digestion blanks obtained from three different vial materials
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The UltraWAVE does not suffer of any cross contamination among samples.
Vial blanks digested with 110 ppm Hg solutions placed in adjacent vials, showing no evidence of cross contamination.

http://nakedracer.com.au/prostoiew/11584 No cross contamination

here UotraWAVE Applications


http://www.amisdecolette.fr/?friomid=rencontre-femmes-d%27oujda&5f8=5f The UltraWAVE with its superior performance is able to digest a wide range of samples with any acid mixtures.
The high temperature and pressure capabilities allow to get complete digestion and the lowest residual carbon content (RCC), avoiding any possible interference in the ICP or ICP-MS and assuring complete recovery of all elements.
Samples like polymer, food, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, environmental, inorganic and many others are fully digested in the UltraWAVE .
See below some of the application notes available for the UltraWAVE:

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