The game changer
in microwave sample preparation.

Any combination of sample types can be digested simultaneously.
Any type of acids can be used.

UltraWAVE Technology


this content Milestone’s unique Single Reaction Chamber (SRC) technology overcomes the limitations of all conventional microwave sample preparation systems:

  • High performance
  • Higher sample throughput
  • Improved workflow
  • Lower labor
  • Lower consumables costs

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Improved workflow

http://www.cam-adventures.com/?dawaderen=funkar-viagra-f%C3%B6r-kvinnor&4ca=72 The UltraWAVE is an ultra high performance system, which allows the complete digestion of extremely difficult samples and of large amounts of organics.
The UltraWAVE completely removes the handling related to the opening/closing of the vessels.
Thanks to the SRC Technology even disposable glass tubes can be used at high temperature and pressure.


http://villageofnichols.com/?comedybinr=Funeral-home-jobs-in-grand-rapids-mi&357=4b The UltraWAVE has been designed with operator safety of paramount importance.

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Fast cooling

http://www.mongoliatravelguide.mn/?sakson=sistemi-per-opzioni-binarie&dbb=68 From 270°C to 80°C in just 12 minutes. Incredible, but true.

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Low operating costs

click here now Compared to closed vessel digestion, there are significant saving on...

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Analytical performance

UltraWAVE Analytical performance

Milestone Connect

In the revolutionary UltraWAVE system, a unique web based application, Milestone Connect, is included. The app provides up-to-date information and extended instrument control from outside the lab with remote monitoring of every sample in the digestion run, contributing to the preparation of high quality samples.

By using your Pc, tablet or mobile phone you will be able to experience the power of Connect with every sample run.

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Milestone CONNECT
UltraWAVE Racks

Digestion vials

Available rack configurations include 4, 5, 15 and 22-position.
Vials are available in Teflon, quartz or disposable glass, and are fitted with Teflon caps- loose fitting to ensure pressure equalization. Numbered rack trays give the user an easy visual check of vial number. Unlike conventional microwave digestion systems, no vessel assembly or disassembly is required and, with disposable glass vials, no cleaning step is needed. This greatly enhances ease of use and increases your sample turn around time.

If you need to identify any spare part, both for racks and for new extra accessories, which could further improve your workload and your digestion quality, take few minutes to look into the Rotors & Racks catalogue. Our priority is to maximize your investment in our system, so we aim to help you with our new and intuitive tool to maintain your system to the standard of quality that is designed for.

Rotors and Racks

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