The game changer
in microwave sample preparation.

Any combination of sample types can be digested simultaneously.
Any type of acids can be used.

UltraWAVE Technology


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  • High performance
  • Higher sample throughput
  • Improved workflow
  • Lower labor
  • Lower consumables costs

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Analytical performance

  • Low blanks and no cross contamination

    Uncleaned glass vial blanks digested with 110 ppm Hg solutions placed in adjacent vials, showing no evidence of cross contamination.

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  • Standard method compliance

    The UltraWAVE is fully compliant with U.S. EPA Methods 3052 and 3051a and it complies with ASTM (American Society of Testing and Materials) Methods E1645-01, D5513-99, ASTM D4309-96 and ASTM E1741-00.
    Moreover fully match the USP 232 & 233 requirements.

  • Applications

    The UltraWAVE with its superior performance is able to digest a wide range of samples with any acid mixtures.

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UltraWAVE Analytical performance
UltraWAVE Racks

Digestion vials

Available rack configurations include 4, 5, 15 and 22-position.
Vials are available in Teflon, quartz or disposable glass, and are fitted with Teflon caps- loose fitting to ensure pressure equalization. Numbered rack trays give the user an easy visual check of vial number. Unlike conventional microwave digestion systems, no vessel assembly or disassembly is required and, with disposable glass vials, no cleaning step is needed. This greatly enhances ease of use and increases your sample turn around time.

If you need to identify any spare part, both for racks and for new extra accessories, which could further improve your workload and your digestion quality, take few minutes to look into the Rotors & Racks catalogue. Our priority is to maximize your investment in our system, so we aim to help you with our new and intuitive tool to maintain your system to the standard of quality that is designed for.

Rotors and Racks

Sample preparation for USP 232 & 233


New USP chapters 232 and 233 for the measurement of inorganic contaminants in pharmaceutical samples are due to be implemented soon.
A large part of samples will required closed vessel microwave digestion. Milestone with the most complete digestion line and a unique experience in sample preparation provides a complete solution to match the new USP requirements. Milestone has designed a suitable configuration of the ETHOS UPUltraWAVE and ETHOS EASY to fully comply the specifications of the new USP chapters 232 and 233. The Milestone USP packages include:

Learn more on the unique Milestone UltraWAVE by reading "The Application of SRC Mw Digestion to the Preparation of pharmaceutical Samples in Accordance with USP 232/233"

US Pharmacopeia links:

Download the General Chapter 232: Limits Revision
Download the General Chapter 233: Procedures Revision
Procedures: Revision - Revision Bulletin: Elemental Impurities Chapter 232 & 233

Be ready for the implementation of the USP chapters 232 & 233!
Meet our Product Specialist in your country to get additional information and to organize a demonstration.

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