Microwave hardware


Largest microwave cavity

Largest microwave cavity

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Highest power

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Reaction sensors

Power is nothing without control

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Pressure-responsive door

Pressure-responsive door

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User interface

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Official methods' compliance

U.S. EPA Methods

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ASTM (American Society of Testing and Materials) Methods

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Standard Practice for the Preparation of Dried Paint Samples by Hotplate or Microwave Digestion for Subsequent Lead Analysis

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Standard Practice for Microwave Digestion of Industrial Furnace Feedstreams and Waste for Trace Element Analysis

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Standard Practice for Sample Digestion Using Closed-Vessel Microwave Heating Technique for the Determination of Total Metals in Water

demo autoptionbinari ASTM E1741-00
Standard Practice for Preparation of Airborne Particulate Lead Samples Collected During Abatement and Construction Activities for Subsequent Analysis by Atomic Spectrometry

These ASTM methods can be downloaded for a fee at www.astm.org

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