High Sample Throughput

طريقة الخيارات الثنائية The PYRO with High-Throughput Setup accommodates up to 24 Milestone quartz fiber crucibles. A unique, rugged, solid, microwave–transparent, ceramic muffle allows microwave radiation to pass through and rapidly raise the temperature of a silicon carbide plate. Sample crucibles are placed on a large clean quartz plate and an airflow is induced by a built-in exhaust system. opções binárias youtube A porous ceramic honeycomb frit built into the wall of the muffle furnace allows a constant stream of air to pass over the sample crucibles. The combination of microwave “superheating” and induced airflow results in a dramatic reduction of the ashing time.

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High sample throughput
معظم إشارات الخيارات الثنائية الناجحة

Sulfated Ashing

operazioni autopzionibinarie come guadagnare Ashing of pharmaceutical, polymers, and food samples often involves the use of sulfuric acid. Hot sulfuric acid vapors are hazardous to analysts and corrosive to equipment. Additionally, sulfate ashing methods are laborintensive and time-consuming, requiring manual fuming of the acid and 8-12 hours to be completed. To overcome these issues, Milestone has developed the Sulfated Ashing Setup.

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Sulfated ashing