Best analytical performance

binaire opties beste strategie Combining an innovative mercury measuring system with a unique optical path spectrophotometer, the DMA-1 achieves a detection limit as low as 0,001 nanograms of mercury and is capable of measuring up to 30.000 nanograms of mercury, equivalent to a concentration of 300 mg/kg (300 ppm) on a 100 mg sample analysis.

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Accuracy opzioni binarie su valute The DMA-1 produces accurate results over a wide dynamic range and on a variety of different matrices.
The results here reported refer to analyses on solid certified reference materials with a mercury concentration ranging from 5 μg/kg to nearly 5 mg/kg.

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Sample matrix

banca sella trading online The DMA-1 produces matrix-independent results.
The instrument is calibrated using aqueous standards and then analyzes organic and inorganic solid samples.
Just one method is used to analyze a variety of different matrices making the DMA-1 extremely easy to use.

Precision binary options trading signals testimonials The DMA-1 provides reproducible results over a broad range of samples, such as polymers, food and feed, and oils, for instance.

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Sample amount

opzioni binarie yahoo answer Up to 1,5 grams of solid or 1,5 mL of liquids can be analyzed.
This is particularly important for the analysis of heterogeneous materials or for samples with a very low mercury concentration. flatex binäre optionen The graphic shows results obtained on NIST 2709 (San Joaquin Soil), a certified reference material with known mercury content of 1.32- 1.48 mg/kg.

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Memory effect

graficos opções binarias The DMA-1 does not virtually suffer from any memory effect.
The instrument software features the ‘Autoblank’ function, by which the user presets a satisfactory blank level. If that level is exceed the instrument automatically runs blank cycles until the expected level is reached.
This is important when analyzing a series of unknown samples.

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