Mercury Detection

FMA-80 ease of use

AAMA-80 is able to detect mercury in acqueous solutions by AAS. During the process, mercury is converted to its gaseous state by reduction of the dissolved cation with SnCl2 and separated from the solution. Then it is carried by a nitrogen gas flow to the absorption measuring cells. The advantages of this method are not only a high sensitivity and a wide dynamic range but also a high sample throughput in a short period of time.

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trading online italia opzioni 60 secondi Moreover this fully automated mercury detection analyzer has many different applications: water (drinking water, surface water, ground water, waste water), food such as cereals, flour, fish, meat and baby food, but also minerals, environmental and chemical samples can be analyzed with the AAMA-80.äre-optionen-fundamentalanalyse binäre optionen fundamentalanalyse

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User interface

trading on line facile FMA-80 terminalThe terminal runs Milestone’s EasyCONTROL software providing simple and intuitive, but extremely flexible and powerful control over the analytical process. The software allows both saving of all parameters and transfer by USB pen drive or integration to LIMS. Thanks to this software the operator can designate certain samples as reference, or QC samples. Once a sample is designated as QC, a known concentration value is entered. If the analysis of that sample yields a concentration outside the acceptable range specified by the operator, EasyCONTROL can be pre-set to either continue, stop, or pause the analysis of the remaining samples.

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ikili opsiyonlarda EasyCONTROL software includes the unique AutoBLANK feature. If, when analysing samples with very high mercury content, the pre-set blank level is exceeded the system runs blank cycles until the pre-set blank level is achieved. Another important function is the automatic reduction of sample volume: it is possible to select the percent of sample volume reduction and number of cycle with no need of auto-dilution module.

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