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Why is a direct mercury analyser the most popular choice for Hg determination in environmental samples?

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As more emphasis is placed on the monitoring of mercury emissions, both private and public institutions are looking at characterizing soil, sediments and waste water samples. Con- taminated soil has to be excavated and remediated, or depending on the level of contamination, disposed of as hazardous waste.
Several methods are available for mercury analysis in environmental samples such as waste water and soil. Most of these methods however, require elaborate preparation procedures that are labor intensive and consequently expensive.
Direct mercury analysis, as described in exam questions bcom 275 week 3 EPA Method 7473, is an alternative to these methods and has been used successfully to determine total mercury in environmental samples.
This technique requires no sample preparation and delivers results in as little as 6 minutes per sample, making it signicantly faster than traditional wet chemistry. opciones binarias impuestos mexico PLAY RECORDING


Heavy crude oil digestion with SRC


Elemental analysis of heavy crude oil is important for a variety of reasons including region of origin, maturity, migration, type, and identification of potential challenges that could arise during the refining process. There are numerous challenges with analysis of heavy crude oil with most being centered on the sample prep process due to the complexity of the sample matric.

Microwave digestion has been used to overcome some of these challenges, however, traditional rotor based systems still face problems with limits of quantification due to sample size limitations, high residual organic contact (ROC), and high residual acidity.
The new paper opciones binarias cedar finance "Rare earth element determination in heavy crude oil by USN-ICP-MS after digestion using a microwave-assisted single reaction chamber", Druzian et al, J. Anal. At. Spectrom., 2016, 31, 1185, compares the digestion quality and maximum crude oil sample size of two microwave digestion systems Milestone’s Ultrawave (UW) and Anton Paar’s Multiwave 3000.
In this work a method for rare earth element (REE) determination by inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS) was proposed after heavy crude oil digestion by microwave-assisted wet digestion using our UltraWAVE.
Straight to the conclusions: to the best of the authors' knowledge, this is the first method able to digest 1 g of crude oil using wet digestion in closed vessels. This fact allowed the determination of those elements present at very low concentration in crude oil.
Digestion efficiency using the UltraWAVE was higher, providing low residual carbon and acidity in digests, which are important parameters to avoid interferences during the determination of REE by ICP-MS. The UltraWAVE combined good performance, safety and relatively high sample throughput since the digestion of up to 5 samples could be performed simultaneously in 40 minutes.
Finally, LOQs (limit of quantitation) were lower than those obtained using the Anton Paar Multiwave, as well as residual acidity.

Please read the complete article from here:!divAbstract


Complimentary, live webinar: Microwave technology applied to inorganic synthesis

trading 1 opzione binari Complimentary, live webinar
Microwave technology applied to inorganic synthesis: what is going to change?

Changing the conventional methodologies of inorganic synthesis to more environmental-friendly and cost effective methods has opened up new avenues to achieve an enhanced and novel sustainable chemistry, thus contributing to the preservation of the natural environment.

vip2Inorganic synthesis is an important branch of the chemical synthesis with the aim of the production of new materials with new functions for new applications.

These routes, such as the microwave assisted hydrothermal synthesis provide the use of microwaves combined with the efficiency of the hydrothermal method. This facilitate the engineering of a wide variety of high-quality materials such as nano-sized rare earth doped ceria with fluorite structure for SOFC electrolyte applications, BiFeO3 perovskite with multiferroic properties and H2V3O8 with one-dimensional (1D) nanostructure for lithium battery technology.

During this webinar, we will go through the complete and up-to-date possibilities offered by the combination of two rapid and “green chemistry” synthesis techniques: hydrothermal synthesis and microwave synthesis. The goal is to minimize heat exposure and reaction times for chemical synthesis. Moreover, the particle sizes and shapes of the product can be fine tuned by the synthesis parameters.

Take part in our complimentary, live webinar!

You’ll interact with the experts who are breaking ground in this field of research: Emilio Miguélez Morán, professor at University of Madrid and Diego Carnaroglio, PhD, synthesis specialist at Milestone Srl.

You’ll learn about the newest tools and technologies while gathering valuable tips and troubleshooting strategies for the applications most relevant to your processes.

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Diego Carnaroglio, PhD
Synthesis and Extraction Application Specialist
at Milestone
In 2011 he received the Degree in Chemistry at the University of Turin and in 2014 he received the Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical and Biomolecular Sciences at the same university under the guidance of Prof. Giancarlo Cravotto with a thesis titled “Key enabling technologies for green, highly competitive chemical processes”. His research activity is documented by 20 scientific papers and 1 book chapter, 11 posters and 10 oral communications at international conferences. His collaboration with the University of Turin is still active, in order to developed new sustainable and green microwave processes.

Emilio Morán Miguélez, Prof.
Universidad Complutense
of Madrid
Full professor of Chemistry at the Universidad Complutense in Madrid and Head of Department of Inorganic Chemistry. Prof. Morán is an expert in the microwave assisted inorganic synthesis and solid state synthesis, “Fast and Soft Chemistry”. His efforts are in the synthesis of material for technological application such as superconductors, magnetic materials and solid electrolites.
He is the evaluation expert for ANECA, ACAP, ACSUG, AVAP, ANEP quality agencies and his research activity is documented by more than 200 scientific papers and several plenary contributions to international conferences.

Webinar invitation: Clean Chemistry Tools for Atomic Spectroscopy

THINK BLANK alternative bdswiss Webinar invitation: Clean Chemistry Tools for Atomic Spectroscopy

sharekhan option trading charges Key learning objectives:
The goal of our webinar is offering a practical guideline for analysts and for everyone interested in the evolution of sample preparation strategies.
In this webinar we discuss how to control contaminations and modern strategies for microwave-assisted sample preparation.

Discussions comprehend digestions with diluted acid solutions, microwave-assisted evaporation, microwave vessels with inserts, vapor phase microwave digestion, and single reaction vessel. Modern procedures for sample preparation fully compatible with multielement determinations are presented and experimental data are shown. Instruments and accessories for implementing these strategies will be presented.

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Watch It Again: Metal Detection in Foodstuffs?

Microwave digestion of food samples

الخيارات الثنائية مقابل العملات الأجنبية Watch It Again: Metal Detection in Foodstuffs?

Low-level analysis of food matrices has placed a demand on manufacturers, testing laboratories, and instrumentation vendors worldwide. Stricter regulations, better analytical instrumentation, and greatly improved sample preparation (preanalytical) techniques have focused efforts to simplify and standardize these analyses.
Often overlooked, the preanalytical step determines the quality of the resulting data and requires careful attention to a number of details, including sample size, digestion parameters, and the level of detection needed.
This webinar will provide the background on the technologies used for microwave digestion and their advantages towards these food related issues. The latest developments regarding available instrument configurations, detection limits, sample prep, and more will be discussed.

Watch our a free webinar that focuses on: Foodstuff processing, element concentration limits, preanalytical steps, importance of sample prep in Trace Metals Analysis for ICP MS/OES, application issues: sample size, acid digestion volume, sample fat and organic content, contamination, throughput, and post-digestion residual carbon content.

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Proudly made in Europe

Proudly made in Europe

Milestone decided to invest in Europe: our R&D centers and production facilities are located in Italy, Germany and Switzerland. We are proud that we are able to produce our systems respecting high quality standards required by EU.

We have a strong global brand with a long heritage in microwave sample preparation as well as an open vision to explore new horizons for further growth.
We continuously review and improve our products and processes. We have a long lasting commitment in helping chemists in their daily activities.


Some pictures of our production areas.

New horizons in microwave chemical synthesis


60sekunden trading WEBINAR: New horizons in microwave chemical synthesis: flexibility and high pressure capabilities

10 November, 2015 binära optioner betyder How can this benefit your research?
… Imagine being able to perform complex reactions with one single platform. Overcome the limitation of conventional microwave synthesis devices thanks to flexiWAVE, a single microwave platform that allows the chemists to perform classic glassware and high-pressure synthesis, as well as solid-phase reactions in a single unit.
… Imagine being able to better control reactions to get faster results and screen multiple reactions simultaneously. synthWAVE enables to vary the solvent or catalyst or even how many different reactions can be run in a single reaction vessel - simultaneously.

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How Do You Know Food Safety?

fishäre-optionen 1 trades binäre optionen WEBINAR: How do you know Food Safety? The evolution of mercury determination technology for Food Samples

Over time, inorganic mercury consumed by fish and marine animals gets converted to organic methyl mercury, which is extremely toxic. Methyl mercury poses a significant health risk, making mercury analysis of fish tissue a primary focal point of both private and public institutions.
In this webinar, we'll explore how direct mercury analysis addresses the challenges posed with conventional mercury techniques such as ICP-MS and CVAA, when analyzing mercury in food matrices, especially fish and biological tissue. We’ll explore:
• The impacts of mercury in the environment and growing concerns as it relates to fish and other aquatic life
• Precise and rapid determination of total mercury in Food, especially in fish and marine animals
• A look at the flexibility of an extremely wide dynamic detection range to analyze different matrices with varying mercury levels
• Tips and Techniques for running fish samples on a direct mercury analyzer

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Watch our webinar!


WEBINAR: Metal Detection in Enviromental Samples? Make it accurate, productive and fast

Pollution due to human activities makes an attempt on the health of many elements: air, water and soil.

It is fundamental to analyse the presence of heavy metals and many laboratories take care of this important monitoring of the ecosystems. Many laboratories specialized in analysing environmental materials are equipping their lab with instrumentation capable to prepare samples before analysis.

Often overlooked, the preanalytical step determines the quality of the resulting data. With this webinar you will discover how Milestone instruments can bring benefits to your lab routine. We will show you how to prepare your environmental samples and how to obtain good data quality during analysis.

WATCH IT NOW and we will answer to the following questions: Do you know which is the best acid combination for metal recoveries in soil samples? Which temperature (and pressure) is necessary to obtain a good digestion for organic materials? Which is the best microwave configuration for your environmental lab? Do you know how to increase the productivity of your lab?


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Which Digestion Product is Right For Your Lab?


Which Digestion Product is Right For Your Lab?

The choice depends on the application, number of different sample types, total number of samples per week, and budget.

Low/Moderate throughput, Single sample matrix.
For smaller numbers of samples, and particularly where only a single sample matrix is digested, a good choice is the closed vessel ETHOS EASY – especially where budget is limited.

Moderate Throughput, Multiple sample types, Challenging samples
Labs that have different sample matrices to digest, especially where some may be challenging, will find the UltraWAVE much more efficient and cost effective than a closed vessel system, due to the greatly reduced labor costs required for sample loading and reduced consumables costs.

High Throughput, Multiple sample types, Challenging samples
For labs with the highest workloads and multiple sample types, the UltraCLAVE will quickly repay its higher purchase price, through savings in both labor and consumables costs.

Organic samples (large sample weight)
Labs with large sample weights for organic material to digest could opt for open vessel digestion with the ETHOS UP or EASY or choose either the UltraWAVE or even UltraCLAVE, depending on the sample processing capacity needed.

Webinar: Novel solutions for increasing productivity in contract labs


WEBINAR: Novel solutions for increasing productivity in commercial contract labs?

Without question, the ultimate goal of your lab should be to find a flexible, easy-to-use sample preparation solution for preparing any element, in a variety of matrices, over a wide concentration range.
Standardizing multi-element sample preparation to include little to no method development, the capability of processing mixed sample batches and simultaneous detection techniques offers a cost effective solution to increase laboratory productivity.
Milestone provide complete solutions for today’s contract laboratory needs.
This interactive webinar will highlight how you can advance your contract lab’s capabilities with novel sample prep solutions.


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Webinar: Analysis of Mercury in your environmental samples?


WEBINAR: Analysis of Mercury in your environmental samples?

Mercury from natural and anthropogenic sources such as soil, rocks, and coal fired plants ultimately gets washed into the water bodies around us and enters our food chain. Over time, inorganic mercury consumed by fish and marine animals gets converted to organic methyl mercury, which is extremely toxic.
Methyl mercury poses a significant health risk, making mercury analysis of fish tissue a primary focal point of both private and public institutions.

In this webinar, we'll explore how direct mercury analysis addresses the challenges posed with conventional mercury techniques such as ICP-MS and CVAA, when analyzing environmental samples.

Watch webinar recording now. Ask This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for the password.



Webinar: Be ready for USP 232 & 233!

Microwave digestion of pharma samples

WEBINAR: Practical Guidance on Sample Preparation of Elemental Impurities in Pharmaceutical Samples

Impurities in pharmaceutical products are of great concern not only due to the inherent toxicity of certain contaminats, but also due to the adverse effect that contaminats may have on drug stability and shelf-life.
The current USP “heavy metals limit test” is due to be replaced with new USP 232 General Chapters USP (Limits) and USP 233 (Procedures revision).
This webinar will provide the background on the development of the new General Chapters and explain how closed vessel microwave digestion can address the requirements of the proposed new methods. The latest developments regarding detection limits, implementation dates, and more will be discussed. In addition, this webinar will take an in depth look at a new approach that has revolutionized how labs operate removing all the barriers of traditional techniques while offering high ROI for labs needing high throughput and mixed batch runs.


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Sample preparation for USP 232 & 233


The United States Pharmacopoeia (USP) is in the process of developing a new test for inorganic impurities in pharmaceutical products and their ingredients. The current USP “heavy metals limit test” is widely acknowledged to be inadequate in terms of scope, accuracy, sensitivity, and specificity, and is due to be replaced with new USP 232 General Chapters USP (Limits) and USP 233 (Procedures revision). The new methods will address the limitations of the current method, in particular with respect to the list of analytes, sample preparation, retention of volatile analytes, and the use of closed vessel sample digestion and modern instrumental techniques for the accurate recovery and determination of individual analyte concentrations.

A large part of samples will required closed vessel microwave digestion.

Milestone with the most complete digestion line and a unique experience in sample preparation provides a complete solution to match the new USP requirements. 

Milestone has designed a suitable configuration of the ETHOS UPUltraWAVE and ETHOS EASY to fully comply the specifications of the new USP chapters 232 and 233. 
The Milestone USP packages include:

  • - Dedicated application notes
  • - Free method development on your own samples
  • - IQ/OQ
  • - Installation and training done by a factory trained specialist
  • - Application support directly from the factory

US Pharmacopeia links:
Procedures: Revision Bulletin: Elemental Impurities Chapter 232 & 233

Be ready for the implementation of the USP chapters 232 & 233!
Meet our Product Specialist in your country to get additional information and to organize a demonstration.

Microwave Digestion of Pharmaceutical Samples for USP 232 and 233

USPMilestone has been included in the Application Note Email of the Spectroscopy Magazine.
This application note is about the new USP 232/233 chapters and the UltraWAVE.

Title is: "Microwave Digestion of Pharmaceutical Samples for USP 232 & 233" Arshad Kokardekar, Milestone Inc.
Single reaction chamber microwave digestion was performed on pharmaceutical samples prior to ICP-MS analysis according to USP chapters 232&233. Good QC data demonstrates suitability of SRC microwave digestion for this application.


It does highlight two of the advantages offered by our UltraWAVE microwave system: the quality of the digestion and the high sample capacity. It proves the technical superiority of the Milestone UltraWAVE over any competitive microwave digestion system.

New scientific papers


Milestone is pleased to inform you that two new interesting scientific papers about SynthWAVE microwave synthesis system have been published by prof. Giancarlo Cravotto, Turin University (Italy). Titles are:

  • “Microwave-assisted flash conversion of non-edible polysaccharides and post-harvest tomato plant waste to levulinic acid”
  • “Highly efficient Synthesis of per-substituted amino-cyclodextrins under Microwave Irradiation in a closed Cavity”

These papers prove the technical superiority of the Milestone SynthWAVE over any competitive microwave synthesis system.

We are 25-years young!

We are 25-years young!This year Milestone celebrates 25 years of success, growth and continuous innovation.
Franco Visinoni, President at Milestone, defines his company by means of three concepts: trust, personal responsibility and continuous investment in innovation. 10% of Milestone turnover is reinvested in research and development.

The average age of Milestone work force is 31 years.
The majority of Milestone people has an electronics, biology or chemistry background.
Milestone is an ethical company, based on the same ideals that were the pillars of its foundation on July 19th, 1988. Milestone is focused on investing in people with the ultimate goal of helping chemists.

New year, new laboratory

New year, new laboratorySetting up a new lab, whether a new build, new funding or a renovation is a challenging project.
Milestone decided to renew its own to achieve the goal of creating a place where to offer our customers and partners the complete availability of our product line and resources to show you the laboratory of the future.

As these laboratories continue to contribute to the site, Quantum Diaries welcomes commenting, feedback and constructive discussions on each post. Our application specialists help you find everything you need to start setting up your professional lab and start saving money today!
We periodically organize interactive, entertaining, and educational activities showing the result of over 20 years of experience in microwave sample preparation with the intent to reach across the globe all the chemists.

150 years...

150 years...A special recurrence occurs for Italian people in 2011: we celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Unification of Italy.

"The King Vittorio Emanuele II assumes for himself and his successors the title of King of Italy. We order that the present, bearing the seal of the State, to be included in the collection of the acts of the government, sending anyone up to observe and enforce it as law of the State. From Turin day of March 17, 1861."

These are the words that you can read the document of the Law 4671 of the Kingdom of Sardinia and shall serve as official proclamation of the Kingdom of Italy, following the meeting of 14 March 1861 the Chamber of Deputies, which was voted on a bill passed by the Senate February 26, 1861. The Law 4671 was promulgated 17 March 1861 and published in the Official Gazette No. 68, March 18, 1861.
We all at Milestone are proud to be Italian. We had a smalll party together and this is a photo shooting of it.