duoPUR ans subPUR

duoPUR and subPUR

Quartz sub-boiling
distillation system

In the preparation of high purity reagents, there is only one significant and choice for the method of purification:
sub-boiling distillation.

US EPA SW-846, Chapter 3, Update IVB.

Sub-boiling technology

http://skylinemediainc.com/?pokakal=opcje-binarne-no-deposit&49a=12 The chemical reagents used during the analysis are an important source of the analytical blank.
Sub-boiling distillation has been demonstrated to be the best method of acid purification.
It uses contactless infrared lamps to vaporize the surface liquid at a temperature typically 20 C below the boiling point.

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watch The duoPUR offers an alternative to the purchase of expensive high purity acids for trace elemental.

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  • 90% cost saving of ultra-pure acids by purifying low-cost reagent grade acids
  • High productivity, up to 400 mL per hour (duoPUR) and up to 60 mL per hour (subCLEAN)
  • On-demand acid purification
  • Re-purification of contaminated acids

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